Gina Rippon, Prof. Dr.

Gina Rippon is Professor of Cognitive NeuroImaging in the Aston Brain Centre at Aston University in Birmingham, UK. She is a cognitive neuroscientist with a background in psychology and physiology and uses brain imaging techniques such as Magnetoencephalography (MEG), functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) to investigate the relationship between patterns of brain activation and human sensory, cognitive and affective processes. Most recently her work has been in the field of developmental disorders such as dyslexia and autism. Gina also writes and speaks on the use of neuroimaging techniques In the study of sex/gender differences, most recently featured in the BBC Horizon programme “Is your Brain Male or Female?”. She is involved in activities around the public communication of science, particularly in challenging the misuse of neuroscience to support gender stereotypes.

She is involved in work to correct the under-representation of women in STEM subjects, for example as a member of WISE , ScienceGrrl ( and of Speakers for Schools:
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Public lectures (Examples)

  • Sex , Maths and the Brain. Lecture presented at British Science Festival, Sept. 2014.
  • How to Tell NeuroNews from NeuroNonsense. Annual Conference of the Association for the Teaching of Psychology (ATP), July 2012
  • Differences between girls’ and boys’ brains’: Are there any? Do they matter? Oxfordshire Secondary Schools Science Festival, Oxford University Natural History Museum, June 2011