Anelis Kaiser, Prof. Dr.

Anelis Kaiser is Professor of Gender Studies in STEM at the Univerity of Freiburg, Germany.

Kaiser, trained as psychologist, has been working on the topic of „brain and gender“ for many years. Partly, her empirical work has been based on the application of functional magnetic resonance imaging; her conceptual work is grounded in feminist and gender theory. She feels very committed to her transdisciplinary background trying to reveal what sexed/gendered materiality of body and brain is or should be.

Research Interests

Sex and Gender Differences in Neuroscience
Feminist Neuroscience
Gender and Language
Neurolinguistics and Gender (Studies)
Neurocognition of Language
Gender Theory & (Studies of) Science
Inter- and Transdisciplinarity between Science and Gender Studies
Multilingualism in the Brain


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