The NeuroGenderings Network

by neurogenderings

In 2010, the conference NeuroGenderings: Critical Studies of the Sexed Brain was held in Uppsala (Sweden). It brought together experts from different disciplines to identify theoretical and methodological strategies for social scientists, cultural scientists and neuroscientists to engage with radical, intersectional feminist and queer studies of the brain. Two years later, NeuroCultures — NeuroGenderings II was organized in 2012 in Vienna in order to continue the critical engagement with neuroscience and particularly to address processes of gendering in today’s rapidly emerging “neurocultures.”

In cooperation with the network NeuroGenderings, the Laboratory of Sociology (LabSo) and the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lausanne hosted a three-day conference entitled “NeuroGenderings III – The 1st international Dissensus Conference on brain and gender,” 8-10 May 2014. W

Behind these international and transdisciplinary meetings lies NeuroGenderings (NG), a network which aims to elaborate innovative theoretical and empirical approaches for questions of sex/gender and sexuality for neuroscientists; to analyze the social and political underpinnings of the ongoing “cerebralization” of human life and especially of sex/gender, and to discuss the impacts of neuroscientific sex/gender research in sociopolitical and cultural fields.